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Thu Jun 21 18:48:55 MDT 2001

Dear Friends,

I know that we are all subject to all sorts of appeals for help, and we
certainly understand that many are stretched in many directions, but for
those so inclined, the Blackfoot Nation appeals to all for assistance to
conduct our Tribunal examining alleged genocidal policies and acts by the
governments of the United States and Canada and by certain named Churches
(Anglican, United, Catholic, Mormons, Presbyterians etc) against Blackfoot
People in the United States and Canada.

This Tribunal will be conducted by the four principal Bands of the
Blackfoot Nation (Siksika, Akainaa, Apatohsipiikani and Amskaapipiikani) on
July 1-4, 2001 at a traditional Blackfoot encampment at Brocket, Alberta.
Representatives of the UN will be observing. Because the unemployment rates
are close to 90% on all Blackfoot Reserves/Reservations, and because
Blackfoot in Canada live on around $280 (Canadian) per month, the necessary
costs of the Tribunal will be borne by al members but will also constitute
a real hardship for many who live on next to nothing.

For the above-mentioned reasons, the Blackfoot Nation sends this appeal for
anyone so moved to help with a donation to cover some of the costs of this
significant and unprecedented (for a Nation) Tribunal. Not one cent will be
wasted or used for any purpose other than the direct and necessary costs of
this Tribunal. For those who have been invited and cannot attend, a
donation might be as way to have your presence felt.

If anyone is moved to make a donation, and we do understand that many
cannot donate or are just subject to too many appeals for donations that
are hard to prioritize, the following information will help you as to where
to send any donations:

Blackfoot Nation Fund
Pincher Creek Credit Union Ltd.
750 Kettle Street
Pincher Creek,  Alberta, Canada T0K 1W0
Blackfoot Nation Account Number: 6122345
for wiring donations:  Transit Number:  899 (Bank) 01529

Thank you all for reading this and please pass this appeal on to all of the
lists on which you participate even if unable to make a donation. All on
this list are invited to our Tribunal and please contact me for further
info. As is the Blackfoot way, we will feed and house all who attend.

Jim Craven
Blackfoot Nation

Louis Proyect
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