New Labour - Union gap widening

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Fri Jun 22 05:25:38 MDT 2001

>From the Guardian, full text at:,9744,510958,00.html

Union fires warning to Blair on jobs
Seumas Milne and Patrick Wintour
Friday June 22, 2001
The potential costs of Tony Blair's determination to press ahead with the
privatisation of health and education provision were hammered home yesterday
when Britain's largest union voted to carry out a sweeping review of its
multi-million pound support for the Labour party.
The spectre of a rupture at the heart of the labour movement was raised when
delegates at the annual conference of the public services union Unison
defied their leaders and backed a motion protesting at the funding of "a
party attacking our jobs, wages and conditions".
Although Unison officials stressed that the conference vote would have no
direct impact on the organisational and cash links between Labour and its
1.3 million-strong affiliate, they conceded that it represented a "shot
across the government's bows" on the issue of creeping privatisation.

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