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I wasn't going to forward this at first, but after looking at the bourgeois
press here in Van, this is definitely significant. The last few days, the
Vancouver Sun has let out the dogs. There was a small, semi-sympathetic article
in the paper about "demonstrators"

So the editor wrote a FRONT PAGE savagery- talking about police standing between
"them" and `civilsation'. The tone has been hysterical. Now they attack the
Anarchist and IndyMedia Centre here.

The stuff about "being used as an after hours/late night dance facility" is a
code word for rave (or something similar) and to my knowledge is total
poppycock. I know the people who work/volunteer at Tao well enough to believe if
they had started something like this, I would have been invited by those who
know of my love for electronic music.

This is simply a political act.


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 The VICTORY PROJECT (a public media lab and home to IndyMedia Vancouver,
 Tao Vancouver, and Latin American Conexions) is threatened by the City of
 Vancouver with IMMEDIATE EVICTION (with access to the top two floors of
 the building boarded up by June 24th). The notice (typed in later on in
 this email) was found late afternoon, today (June 21).

 We are urging anyone who has used the space, or feels public activist
 spaces are important to Vancouver, to ATTEND AN EMERGENCY PLANNING EETING
 TOMORROW (Friday, June 22cd) at 7 PM (3rd floor, 303 West Hastings - the
 entrance is between the Marijuana Party headquarters and what used to be
 the New Amsterdam Cafe).

 PLEASE COME OUT AND HELP US! We've put a huge amount of work into this
 space and to have it closed down by the City of Vancouver less than a year
 after its opening is an outrage!

 Ron, one of the workers at the space, will start looking for an
 alternative space tomorrow. If you have any suggestions or would like to
 help him, please call tomorrow (Friday, June 22cd) between 9 AM and 11 AM.

        Friday, June 22cd, 7 PM
        3rd floor, 303 West Hastings, Vancouver

 Thanks for your support,

 The Victory Project: home of Indymedia Vancouver, Tao Communications
 Vancouver, and Latin America Conexions

 [The notice below was found attached to the door on the 2cd floor of the


 <names, addresses of building owners>

 Dear sirs/mesdames:

 Re: 301 - 307 West Hastings (303 West Hastings - top storeys)

 A review of our records for your building at the above location indicates
 that the approved occupancy of the top two (2) storeys is office/artist
 studio (Group D Occupancy Classification pursuant to the Vancouver
 Building By-law).

 However, our inspection services and the Vancouver Police advise that this
 portion of the building is repeatedly being used as an after hours/late
 night dance facility (assembly occupancy) with an excess of 250 people
 without permit or approval.

 Our records indicate that there is no current business license for the
 building. It was further noted by the Vancouver Police that there has been
 alcohol on the premises in violation of the Liquor Licensing Act.

 The District Building Inspector advises also that exiting from the top
 floors is via a single interior stair that does not have the required fire
 separation. The second exit from this area is out the back across an
 unrated roof assembly and down a steel stair. The guards on the wooden
 walkway and steel stair do not comply with the requirements of the
 Building By-law. The wooden railway is extremely slippery. There is no
 access to an approved open space. In addition it was reported that the
 building is not sprinklered, there is no fire alarm system and no
 emergency lighting.

 Accordingly, a NOT SAFE TO OCCUPY notice has been posted on this portion
 of the building.

 Pursuant to Article 1A.6.1.2 and Sentence 1A.6.2.1(2) of the Vancouver
 Building Bylaw you are ordered to cease occupying the top two (2) storeys
 of this Building IMMEDIATELY and securely board-up access to this portion
 of the building from the exterior as well as from any adjacent tenancies
 within the building by June 24, 2001.

 If you fail to comply with this order, the City will pursue legal action
 against you and will proceed to have access to the top two (2) storeys of
 this building boarded up by a private contractor pursuant to Article
 1A.6.2.1(1) of the Vancouver Building By-law at your expense.

 Your truly,
 D.H. Jackson,
 P. Eng for City Building Inspector and Chief Building Official

 cc: posted on building

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