16.000 demonstrated against the European Union!

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Sat Jun 23 05:32:34 MDT 2001

1. 16.000 demonstrated against the European Union! 

On Friday June 15th 16.000 people marched through the centre of 
Gothenburg under the main banners "Sweden Out Of E.U." and "NO to EMU". 
This in connection with the EU Summit meeting held in the city June 
This is the largest ever manifestation against the membership of the EU 
held in any EU-country in connection with summit meetings! 
The majority of the Swedish people are opposed to Sweden being a member of the E.U. This has been the result shown in virtually every opinion poll held ever since 1995, when Sweden became a member state. 
The manifestation was arranged by a broad network, including the 
following major organisations: political parties, as the Communist 
party- KPML(r); Left Party - Vänsterpartiet and Green Party- 
Miljöpartiet, and other organisations as Popular Movement No to EU - 
Folkrörelsen Nej till EU, EU-Critical Social-Democrats - EU-kritiska 
Socialdemokrater, and trade unions as Transport Workers Union and 
Dockers´ Union - Hamnarbetarförbundet. 
Anders Carlsson, chairman of KPML(r), was one of the eight speakers at the rally. In his speech he said, among other things: 

- This is a great day because we - representing the Swedish EU 
resistance, together with our friends from Norway, Denmark and other countries - have, at least for a few hours, made this area of the city a liberated area, a EU-free zone! By this we show that we - together with the majority of the Swedish people - want to liberate Sweden and Europe from the EU project of the market liberalism, from the dictatorship of the market which is what the EU is. /.../ 
I represent a party that is fighting to get Sweden out of the E.U. We refuse to accept those who says that EU is our destiny, who says that nothing can be done about the EU membership and who says one has to do the best in a given situation. That is a position suitable for a masochist! 
The best of the EU situation is not good enough; it´s not good at all; it will never be good. /.../ EU is legislated right wing politics. 
EU is mass unemployment, social destruction, privatisation and 
insecurity to ordinary working class people. 
EU is an elitist super power project, sacrificing democracy and national sovereignty on the alter of the European imperialism, and placing the interests of this European imperialism before peace and international solidarity. 

The rally adopted a resolution that was presented to the deputy Prime 
Minister Lena Hjelm-Wallén after the meeting, demanding a new 
referendum, where the Swedish people could express its opinion on the 

2. 12.500 in largest anti-imperialist manifestation in 30 years! 

The largest anti-imperialist manifestation since the Vietnam war took 
place in Gothenburg on Thursday, June 14th, in connection with the  
visit of George W. Bush to the EU summit meeting. 12.500 people marched through the centre of the city and at the Götaplatsen square the rally listened to nine speakers. The short speeches covered different aspects of the threats to the peoples of the world that US imperialism 
represents, f.i. Cuba, Colombia, the new Star Wars, "globalization". 
The International Secretary of the Communist Party-KPML(r), Teddy-John Frank, said in his speech, among other things: 

- A mass murderer has arrived to our city today! There are talks about crooks in the world and rogue states. But the real crook is George W. Bush and the real rogue state is the USA! And he is here and we send him this message: Bush not welcome! /.../ 
It is said that globalization is part of the new world order, and the 
former economic laws and systems now are invalid and are being replaced by something called the "new economy". 
Is it true? I am a materialist. I look around in the world and I see 
that it is imperialism that exploits the people and resources of  
the world - now as before that capitalists are profiting on other peoples´ work - now as before and that they make there  
decisions in closed rooms with only one goal, their profits - now as before. 

for pictures and a littel more info http://www.kpmlr.o.se/

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