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>Bernstein's.  Then there is the more complex case of the Austro-Marxists
>(i.e. Otto Bauer, Max Adler) who during the 1920s and 1930s attempted
>to steer a middle course between the old Second International and
>the new Thrid International (hence the designation of "Second and
>a Half International" for their postion).

I think that the designation Second and a Half International is a bit
broader. It would also include German CP'ers influenced by Luxemburg such
as Paul Levi who regarded Zinoviev's "Bolshevist" turn as excessive.
Speaking of Bauer, there's a nasty attack on Michael Lowy's "Fatherland or
Mother Earth? Essays on the National Question" on the website of a new
American Trotskyist sect called Socialist Workers Organization. Lowy tries
to refurbish Bauer's analysis of the national question apparently.

The SWO consists mainly of aging veterans of the American SWP who split
from Socialist Action, which was formed in the 1980s as an attempt to
reconstruct the "good" SWP before its "Cuba" turn. (This was a peculiar
sort of turn, since the Cubans have openly praised various left reformist
forces in Latin America, including Hugo Chavez.) Their website is filled
with appeals to orthodoxy including the Lowy review. Probably the least
objectionable item deals with Yugoslavia, which castigates certain
socialist formations for giving support to the KLA.

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