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Sun Jun 24 20:51:29 MDT 2001

The question of the Neo-Kantians is a bit difficult,
as Goldman indicated in his unique study of Kant,
where he was critical of the Neo-Kantians. They don't
really represent Kant!  But some of them had a sense
that the issues of theory and values would prove
thorny, and the question has been born out. The
question is like a ball and chain for Marxism. If you
reject Hegel, then you steer clear of Kant. But if the
dialectic means something, then Kant trails you, not
because he was dialectical but because he wasn't!! And
warned of it. So where does one stand? The issue is
not idealism versus materialism, but not getting into
a metaphysical screwup. What is the way out of the
question? At any rate, Kant was not an idealist in the
sense of Hegel, but a combined 'transcendental
idealist' and 'emprical realist', and these dreadfully
confusing terms have closed the whole question behind
a veil of obscurity.
But basically Kant was warning that metaphysical
rationalism and pure empiricism would both fail.
Cassandra. Bulls eye. Call in the grave diggers.
The next revolution needs a new theory.
Although it looks like Marxism has freed itself from
Hegel, it is not a cut and dried question. In any
case, there is, to my view,  a lack of plain realism
in Hegel, that surrounds his claims for absolute
knowledge, surely Marxists would be better off with a
bit of Kant to steer clear of that mystique of Hegel
that seeps into the subject even as you denounce it.
Tough questions, perhaps hopeless questions. But Hegel
will pursue Marxism like a horse of the apocalypse.
Use a bit of Kant to be free of it.
Contentious questions.
Weber judged as a Neo-Kantian is almost meaningless. I
can't find any Kantian concerns explicit there ( I am
sure they are there) and judging his work is little
reflection on Kant. Weber had a hard time in Junker
land squeaking like a mouse about liberalism, what to
say of marxism.

John Landon
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