IRSP Intl. Dept. Secretary to Visit Turkey with Kurdish Activists

Danielle Ni Dhighe nidhighe at
Mon Jun 25 16:08:43 MDT 2001

Irish Republican Socialist Party
25 June 2001

IRSP International Department Secretary to Visit Turkey with Kurdish Activists

A Secretary of the International Department of the Irish Republican Socialist
Party, Terry hEarcain, is en route to Turkey as part of a fact finding
organised by a Kurdish activist organisation.

The IRSP has long been engaged in solidarity work with both Kurdish
militants, such as the PKK, struggling against the Turkish government and
Turkish revolutionaries such as the DHKC. In recent months, the IRSP has
been continuously active throughout the 32-counties of Ireland, as well as in
Scotland, England, Canada and the United States in drawing attention to the
hunger strike presently under way by revolutionary prisoners of war in Turkey
and attempting to build support for the prisoners demands.

Mr. hEarcain, who had previously attended the international Kurdish Congress
in exile in a display of solidarity, will be staying with Kurdish activists
in Turkey
over a three day period, providing an independent witness to the manner in
which the Turkish government deals with representatives of the Kurdish people.


International Department
Republican Socialist Publicity Bureau
IRSP Press Office
392 Falls Road
Belfast, Ireland

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