Macdonald Stainsby mstainsby at tao.ca
Mon Jun 25 17:08:54 MDT 2001


> I wasn't going to forward this at first, but after looking at the bourgeois
> press here in Van, this is definitely significant. The last few days, the
> Vancouver Sun has let out the dogs. There was a small, semi-sympathetic
> in the paper about "demonstrators"
> So the editor wrote a FRONT PAGE savagery- talking about police standing
> "them" and `civilsation'. The tone has been hysterical. Now they attack the
> Anarchist and IndyMedia Centre here.
> The stuff about "being used as an after hours/late night dance facility" is a
> code word for rave (or something similar) and to my knowledge is total
> poppycock. I know the people who work/volunteer at Tao well enough to believe
> they had started something like this, I would have been invited by those who
> know of my love for electronic music.
> This is simply a political act.
> Macdonald

The Space is still going through a massive convulsion, but (and to me this is
not good news, considering what it implies) the place was not targetted for
Anarchistic or IndyMedia politics at all. When the city was called, they did not
know the place even had a third floor. It turns out that if I had volunteered
there on Sundays and not Tuesdays I would have noticed that the 2nd floor needs
to be cleaned up after- the renters there had been holding raves. So, this is
still the continuing harassment of a counter culture (it's an on-going battle in
Vancouver as elsewhere) but not a direct attack on our city's direct action.

The space does need to move and people are still asked to help (telling the city
it was a "non-profit space got a weeks' extension) but the other factors needed
clarification and my apologies for any confusion.


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