The new Red Army

Juan R. Fajardo fajardos at
Mon Jun 25 20:26:30 MDT 2001

Ulhas Joglekar wrote:

> Is there any reason for the Indian ruling class to panic?

Naw, of course not.  But growing alarmed is different from becoming
panicked.  Peru's neighbors grew alarmed at the growth of the Shining
Path in the 1980s, especiallay at the increase in Maoist activities on
_their_ sides of the borders, although no one believed that Lima was
itself threatened.  They did not, however, panic.  And as for Nepal, as
you point out,the Nepali authorities have been treating the insurgency
as a police matter and have not yet involved the Nepali military.

I think it is reasonable to assume that Indian authorities would view
destabilization of Nepal with concern, even alarm.  Perhaps enough to
intervene in some way.  But there is no reason to assume that any
intervention _must_ perforce be either direct or military.

- Juan

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