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[NOTE - A BBC man on the scene said he was estimating 85,000 so....]
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100,000-200,000 March to Kostunica's Office. Demand. "TELL US: WHO RULES

As I write this I am listening by connection with a friend's cellular phone
to the rally in Republic Square in Belgrade.

The sound is indescribable. The crowd is immense, the biggest my friend has
ever seen. People respond to the speakers with a sound like the roar of
lions. The speakers and the crowd are passionately against the decree passed
last Saturday by the DOS parties in the Yugoslav Administration,
'authorizing' extradition of Milosevic and other Yugoslav patriots to NATO's
war crimes tribunal. Speakers are saying this is treason to the Serbian
nation. That the Constitution is the highest legal obligation of any state
and that by breaking the constitution one betrays the nation. They are saying
that all Serbian people and others loyal to Yugoslavia must unite and take
back their government and throw out those who have betrayed the nation to
Washington, which dangles false bribes to humiliate the Serbian people.

I am told that this crowd, whose passion is so great the phone is vibrating
against my ear, includes activists from parties besides the Socialists,
including Mr. Kostunica's Democratic Party of Serbia. The DSS people are
outraged that Mr. Kostunica has stifled within his own party criticism of
this gross violation of the constitution. Earlier, one of them took the phone
from my friend and yelled at me against the roar of the background: "We are
now the Serbian Undemocratic Party!'"

I had the honor of being one of the speakers at the huge (though smaller)
rally March 24th in this same Republic Square, to commemorate the onset of
bombing of Yugoslavia on march 24, 1999. Afterwards one of the leaders of
Kostunica's party gave me the red beret that he had worn as an officer in the
Army of the Republika Srpska. He said, "Our coalition with Djindjic is just

But now Mr. Kostunica and Mr. Djindjic are acting as one. Has Kostunica
betrayed his beliefs? Or was he always really a decoy to supply patriots the
illusion of a hope that in him they had a defender within DOS? Whatever the
case, now the U.S. has made its wishes quite clear and Kostunica has quite
clearly obeyed and, say these activists in the DSS, crushed dissent in his

The noise has died down a little, and my friend is translating what some of
the speakers said.

"At the rally people were speaking with one voice. They said: Abolish the
decree! Serbian and Yugoslav governments should resign! Nobody should be
extradited to The Hague! Those who adopted that illegal decree should be
criminally charged! There must be general elections on all levels because the
government has committed treason and lied and therefore nobody any longer
supports them!"


The rally is over. I lost the connection with the first Belgrade friend, so I
am calling another. (I will refrain from using people's names due to the
intensity of the situation in Belgrade.)

A column of more 100-200,000 people has left Republic Square. They are moving
through Belgrade. There is a truck in front, blaring music, and behind that,
a broad line of people with a huge sign FREEDOM FORE SERBIA! EXTRADITE NO ONE
TO THE HAGUE! Or words to that effect.

The column is without end. At this moment they are passing Djindjic's party
headquarters, and the crowd is roaring their disapproval. I have to wait a
few minutes for my friend to get far enough from that point for the noise to
quiet down enough so he can be heard. My friend says:

"We will pass near the Serbian parliament and government and then we will go
to Kostunica's office. Our people today sent him a letter reminding him of
all his past statements, that he was against the Hague Tribunal, against
extradition, that extradition violated the Yugoslav constitution, that it
required a Yugoslav law, that he stood for the dignity of Serbia, that he
stood for defending sovereignty from NATO and on and on and called on him to
appear at the rally today. Now since he has not appeared we are going to his
office to demand that he come out and address the people and explain: Who is
ruling Yugoslavia?"


Earlier I spoke to an activist who had just been to the Belgrade prison where
Mr. Milosevic is being held. Members of the People's Guards, a group of
mainly women who were beaten by agents of the government while acting as
unarmed witnesses at Mr. Milosevic's residence during the March 28-29th
arrest attempt, are holding a vigil there. The activist told me that there is
a large contingent of police outside, nervously guarding the gates.

This is what the current authorities, these great democrats, have been
reduced to. Fearful cops, waiting for the people to storm the Bastille.

Jared Israel
26 June 2001
2:500 Eastern U.S. time, 8:50 pm in Belgrade




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