Papua New Guinea

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Wed Jun 27 16:33:06 MDT 2001


Papua New Guinea
60 student protestors shot by riot police
After anti World Bank/IMF protest
3 dead, 17 in hospital

3 UPNG students are dead & several more in a critical condition; several
have also disappeared into police custody.

The students have had a 5-day blockade of the government buildings.
local police refused to disperse them, Prime Minister Morauta flew the
police down from their usual job of protecting the US & Canadian owned
gas & gold mines in the PNG highlands.  Last night (Monday)these task
police dispersed the demonstrators and then followed them into the
university where they attacked the students and tried to arrest the SRC
leaders.  In response to the night time shootings the students & youth
attacked & looted shops this morning.

This afternoon the PNG TUC has called a general strike to support the
students, the PNG Maritime workers union has already started sticking up
ships tonight & are asking for foreign maritime unions to black all PNG
cargo. John Paska General secretary of the PNG TUC who endorsed the S11
Melbourne blockade & the S26 Prague action is now asking for union
in close by countries for further demonstrations against the World Bank.

For messages of support his phone & fax number is country code

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