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Thu Jun 28 05:45:36 MDT 2001

> From: Philip Ferguson

Hmm.  I've never checked them out.  I suppose I should.

> After local police refused to disperse them, Prime Minister Morauta flew
> the riot police down from their usual job of protecting the US & Canadian
> owned oil, gas & gold mines in the PNG highlands.  Last night (Monday)
> these task force police dispersed the demonstrators and then followed them
> into the university where they attacked the students and tried to arrest
> the SRC leaders.

The riot police have a long and nasty record.  They fought on
Bougainville too.

 I start to twitch when I see things like "US & Canadian owned ... mines".
Apart from the obvious problems with this, the environmental damage done by
the Ok Tedi mine has been in the news again lately.

> This afternoon the PNG TUC has called a general strike to support the
> students, the PNG Maritime workers union has already started sticking up
> ships tonight & are asking for foreign maritime unions to black all PNG
> cargo. John Paska General secretary of the PNG TUC who endorsed the S11
> Melbourne blockade & the S26 Prague action is now asking for union
> support in close by countries for further demonstrations against the World
> Bank.

Given that Port Moresby, at least, seems to have pretty much shut down, the
general strike is almost superfluous!  It would be nice to know what is
happening in the rest of the country.

Umm.  A news report just came on the TV.  It looks like things have settled
down for the moment.  That doesn't mean everything is "back to normal" yet.

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