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Interesting, but from what I've read about Che, can't name the source
off-hand, but neither Che nor his family had any profound sympathy for
Peron. Since I don't have it here in front of me, i acknowledge that this
may not be accurate, but I think this is the case.

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>I am in the process of getting a new computer set up. (A Dell 1.3 Gigahertz
>Pentium 4 with a 17 inch monitor, 256mb of memory and a 20gb hard drive for
>$999! Long live capitalist price wars!) I was forced to get a new machine
>because my old scanner died. When I tried an HP 3400, and 3 different
>versions of a Visioneer 8100 on my old machine, none was adequate. I was
>forced to use parallel port scanners such as these because my 5 year old
>Dell was running Win 95, which does not support USB. The best scanners now
>seem available only for USB, particularly the Epson 1240U, which I plan to
>pick up soon.
>If I had a scanner, I'd be posting passages from Jon Lee Anderson's
>biography of Che Guevara. It is hard to tell if Anderson is a great
>biographer or if the book simply does justice to the great topic. In a
>nutshell, Che Guevara was one of the most compelling figures in modern
>history--even before he became a Marxist revolutionary.
>I have gotten through the first four chapters of the biography, which
>brings us to his entry into medical school. There are two aspects to his
>personality that really stick out. To begin with, even though Che was born
>into a pauperized aristocracy, he hated pretense of any sort. He made a
>point of going around in unfashionable clothing while his peers wore
>blazers and other "preppy" outfits in a 1940s context. He would come to
>parties always wearing the same outfit, a soiled rayon shirt that he
>bragged was not washed except every month or so and extremely baggy
>trousers. When he began an abortive engagement with a daughter of one of
>Argentina's ruling class families, he scandalized them at a formal dinner
>by announcing that Winston Churchill was a "ratpack politican". This
>family, as Anderson put it, was "supremely Anglophilic."
>The other interesting thing, relevant to Nestor's views on Marxism and the
>national question, is Che's close identification with Juan Peron whom he
>viewed positively as a friend of Argentina's "shirtless". Apparently his
>early Peronista views evolved into the kind of Marxism associated with the
>Cuban revolution. Although I don't have a scanner yet, it would be useful
>to quote a childhood friend of Che's named Dolores Moyano: "In his eyes,
>the twin evils in Latin America were the native oligarchies and the United
>States. The only good things he liked about this country were its poets and
>novelists; I never heard him say one good thing about anything else. He
>would disconcert both nationalists and Communists by being anti-American
>without subscribing to either of their points of view. With much bad luck,
>since my mother was American, I would often rally to the defense of the
>United States. I was never able to convince him that United States foreign
>policy was, more often than not, the bumbling creature of ignorance and
>error rather than the well-designed strategy of a sinister cabal. He was
>convinced of the dark princes of evil who directed every United States move
>Louis Proyect
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