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> Interesting, but from what I've read about Che, can't name the source 
> off-hand, but neither Che nor his family had any profound sympathy for 
> Peron. Since I don't have it here in front of me, i acknowledge that this 
> may not be accurate, but I think this is the case.

Never is easy the way of true love...

The Guevara Lynch family was, certainly, anti-Peronist. But Ernesto was a 
rebel, and he learnt to understand Peronism when he made his great journey 
across Latin America. When Perón was overthrown, his mother sent him some very 
joyful letters, which he answered back very harshly and defending Perón and 
Peronism, and particularly the Argentinean workers.

In fact, he worked for a Peronist news agency in Guatemala. This did not make a 
Peronist of him (he never was), but no anti-Peronist would have done that.

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