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George Snedeker wrote:
> what I want to know is why THE NATION is publishing articles by Ronald
> Radosh? i guess it sells coppies...

Didn't they also publish Arianna Huffington?  
As for Marc Cooper who is on the editorial board of the Nation, I have
another complaint.  He did a show on Wal-Mart and its employee
problems.  Of course he mentioned the class action suit brought by
women but failed to mention Wal-Mart's civil rights infringement of
deaf employees.  This case (press article posted below) was a rare
victory amidst a mountain of unsuccessful employment discrimination
cases filed in the US Courts. 


Top Business News

Federal Judge Fines Wal-Mart
The Associated Press
Jun 14 2001 4:41PM

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - A federal judge fined Wal-Mart $750,200 for violating
agreement to improve treatment and training of its deaf employees.
U.S. District Judge William D. Browning on Wednesday also ordered that the
store chain produce a 30-second TV ad to be aired in Phoenix and Tucson
every day for two weeks.

The commercial must explain the Americans with Disabilities Act, state that
Wal-Mart has violated it, and refer people who may have been discriminated
against to the Arizona Center for Disability Law or the Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission.

Company spokesman William C. Wertz said Wal-Mart will seek another hearing
with Browning, contending the company ``complied with most of the
provisions'' of a consent decree it signed in January 2000.

The consent decree required Wal-Mart to accommodate William Darnell and
Jeremy Fass, two deaf men who had alleged that the company violated
the ADA
in refusing to hire them at a Tucson store.

Those accommodations were to include interpreters for training and meetings,
and a teletype telephone, called a TTY, installed in the store.
Wal-Mart was
also ordered to train its managers in Arizona on complying with the ADA.

Among other things, the judge found that Wal-Mart failed to train its staff
within 180 days as called for in the consent decree.

While Wal-Mart provided Darnell and Fass with interpreters during their
training and installed TTYs, Browning said no interpreter or other
means of
communication was available after their training ended.

Darnell received only ``hastily written notes ... grudgingly given'' from
his supervisor, and ``it appears that Wal-Mart attempted to
`warehouse''' him by
restricting him to a certain area of the store, Browning said.

Both Darnell and Fass have left Wal-Mart.

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