Yugoslavia Denies Visa to Ramsey Clark

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Sat Jun 30 13:29:28 MDT 2001

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el 30 Jun 01, a las 8:19, Gary MacLennan dijo:

> If we go by what the papers, radio, & television are saying in Australia
> about all this, it must be that Jared and I exist on different planets.

Oh, yes, I can understand that. But why don't you take a trip to the library of 
the U and search for the information that was delivered on Argentina in 1955, 
if any?

I am sure that no journalist dared to comment (nor probably witnessed) the 
silent facts of life of common people. Ernesto Sábato, by those times a 
progressive liberal, had the guts to recall that while he and his friends were 
cheering the new government at an upper middle class house in Tucumán, he was 
shocked to realize that the servants were weeping in the kitchen.

Kitchen weeping is seldom news.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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