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George Snedeker snedeker at concentric.net
Sat Jun 30 18:59:52 MDT 2001

> I am forwarding  A request for information from Frigga Haug. Please
> send your responses to her directly (see her email address below).
> On Thu, 28 Jun 2001
FriggaHaug at aol.com
> > in almost the last second I realize that it would be wise to have an
> > "housewife" in the historical marxist dictionary. I do not know any
> > literature which deals with this term in a marxist way - that is
> > it as an economic function and doing this in a historical way. In
> > notes on fordism we find some considerations as to the fordist mode of
> > production which at the same time needs the mass production worker as
> > male breadwinner and allows him to have a family and a housewife caring
> > his reproduction and that of his offspring and watching over health and
> > discipline etc. - and there is Donzelot but who else?
> > Do you know of any literature
> > or better do you know an author for this entry

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