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Alan Bradley abradley1 at
Sat Jun 30 19:19:24 MDT 2001

> From: "Jose G. Perez"
> But fundamentally what it shows is that a revolutionary
> organization, a revolutionary government, can't remain in power if the
> revolution which brought it to power has been strangled or has dissipated.
> Without the conscious, organized and direct participation and mobilization
> of the masses around the concrete tasks of the revolution, without a real,
> breathing, living revolution, a revolutionary government cannot survive.

This is an important question.

One aspect of it that has been in the back of my mind for some time is that
the act of making a revolution requires an unusual level of class
consciousness amongst the masses.  That isn't a problem in itself.  What is
a problem is that this "unusual" level needs to be maintained for an
extended period, and if this is not achievable, the socialist project is
fairly deeply compromised.  (Unless "barracks socialism" of some kind is
viable - but why would you bother?)

> Cuba survives because the revolution has never ended, because it has been
and continues
> to be a "permanent revolution"

And here is an answer to the question of sustained consciousness.  I hope it
is a correct one.

Alan Bradley
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