FSLN has changed?

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at SPAMgmx.net
Fri Jun 1 04:17:24 MDT 2001

This is from the Financial Times, full text at www.ft.com . Perhaps comrades
who are a bit closer to the spot would like to comment.

Ortega to stand for presidency
By Andrew Bounds in Panama City and Reuters
Published: May 30 2001 17:43GMT | Last Updated: May 30 2001 17:53GMT

Daniel Ortega, the veteran revolutionary leader, has registered as a
candidate for president of Nicaragua for a fourth time with a promise that
his Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) has changed.

Mr Ortega, who leads in early polls for the November contest, said the party
would respect private property, maintain good relations with the US and
search for consensus on how to deal with the multilateral financial
institutions on whose loans and debt relief plans the impoverished central
America country depends.

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