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Fri Jun 1 06:09:35 MDT 2001

Last Friday two bombs exploded at the National University. Several people
were killed, and several more injured. That national university is the
historic, current, and real, heart of the left in Colombia. But El Tiempo
and the police are trying to attribute the bombing to the FARC.

The bombs have the eerie ring of 1970's Italy: one bomb blew up, and when
rescue4s and journalists arrived, the second was set off - probably by
remote control.

Those bombs follow other urban bombs - some that went off, others that
didn't. One in Medellin blew up in a trendy upper middle class park
surrounded by bars and restaurants. Attributed to a street gang having a
war witht he paramilitaries. Another blew up in the most important office
tower in Cali - attributed to everybody and their mother. Another one - the
weirdest of all - didn't blow up in front of the office of La Voz (CP
newspaper). That one was a big impact detonation air force bomb, that
couldn't have blown up sitting in the back of a pick up truck hidden
underneath a pile of vegetables.

To me this has the earmarks of the army, the CIA, the DEA.

But I don't want to go on record to this effect - yet.

In Italy the Brigada Rosso epoch bombings (a very heavily infiltrated
organization) were orchestrated by the state to produce fear and induce
popular support in the middle class and among conservative workers for
giving the military increased police powers.

Here, I think the army wants the same, PLUS and most importantly, it wants
to short circuit the peace process. Irrespective of whether or not the FARC
is revolutionary, good, bad, ugly, or indifferrent, a peace deal will
diminish the Army's importance - and its budget. The army is against peace

Pastrana on the other hand, is for peace - or more precisely, for winning
the Nobel Peace Prize for himself and Manuel Mirulanda.

You may not be the type to believe this, but "peace" is good for business
(If you sell soft drinks, shampoo or cars - not if you sell helicopters).
The bourgeoisie here wants peace - on their terms.

And Pastrana, who is venal, not-too-smart, and corrupt, wants the Nobel Prize.

He has been going after the paramilitaries with surprising vigour - to the
point of arresting an ex- member of the house of Representatives who is one
of the real political leaders of the paras, and freezing bank accounts
related to over 40,000 transactions by the paras. Other actions have
included military actions against paras, arrests, etc.

I think he is desperate for a deal with the FARC, and can't get one as long
as the paras are on the loose, and on the offensive.

So, the paras have answered with urban terrorism - or rather their sponsors
in the army have.

All of this plays into the Bush administration drama where Otto Reich's
(Otto of the 3rd?) -counted on by the paras as the green light - probably
won't happen now that Bush fucked up his Senate majority.

That's all for now, and all the best.


Louis Proyect
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