General strike and boycott against Spanish firms in Argentina

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[Press release by PSI, personal translation by Néstor Gorojovsky]


Hugo Moyano, head of the rebel CGT (unions federation), called for a
boycott against the production of Spanish firms in Argentina during
the meeting organized at Plaza de Mayo yesterday afternoon. He also
made responsible the Spanish government for the critical situation of
Aerolíneas Argentinas.  Additionally, he proclaimed a 24 hour national
strike for june 8th next.

Moyano demanded a "boycott on all the Spanish capital" as a
repudiation of the situation in Aerolíneas Argentinas. "Let us not
load gasoline in the Repsol stations. Let us not give the "gallegos"
(a sometimes despective way to call Spanish people in Argentina) the
profits so that they take them away and, in addition, they shit on
Aerolíenas Argentinas", Moyano emphasized.  In addition, he demanded
that the small and medium companies moved their accounts from
Spanish-owned banks to national banks, and he also requested the
society not to use the telephones of the Spanish-owned Telefónica de

During the mass meeting, Moyano also stated that "the ones who took
the bucks [of Aerolíneas] with them" were "the gallegos", and demanded
"an end to the parody" [the official position of the Spanish
government, backed by the Argentinean one] that this is a labor
conflict with a firm, not a political issue. "Let every mouth state
this: it was the "gallegos" who took the bucks of Aerolíneas with
them", said Moyano. The "Aerolíneas issue", he expressed, "is a
political problem and as such it is the duty of the national
government to solve it. And if they do not solve it, it is because
they don't have the gall that the Argentinean people demands from its

During a press conference that she delivered yesterday evening
together with Domingo Cavallo, the Minister of Economy, Patricia
Bullrich, the Minister of Labor, accused Moyano of "putting jobs in
danger in our country" when she mentioned the appeal made by the union
leader to boycott Spanish capital.  "Moyano requested that no gasoline
be loaded at Repsol, that telephone users change from
Telefónica... But who is working at those companies? In addition, he
will have the country stopped for a whole day and wnats to leave other
Argentinean workers jobless. This is a blow against job creation in
Argentina", Bullrich stated in a very poor argumentation.

A group of Argentinean MPs, meanwhile, had arrived to Madrid on
Wednesday to convey a warning that the Argentinean Legislative as well
as the Executive may change their attitude towards Spanish investors
if Aerolíneas is carried to bankrupcy. Spanish firms in Argentina are
already responsible for around 11% of the GDP. The Argentinean
representatives are acting before the SEPI, a holding which owns
Aerolíneas, as well as with the highest political authorities in
Spain, in order that there will be no layoffs in the company, and it
is put on its track again. They are also trying to obtain that SEPI
allows the control organs of the Argentinean state to audit
Aerolíneas, and to promote some alternatives for the recuperation and
restoration of the company. The delegation is presided by the Radical
Party representative Alejandro Nieva, and it is membered by Alicia
Castro (Frente para el Cambio), Gustavo Gutiérrez (Demócrata, province
of Mendoza), Teodoro Funes (PJ) y José Vitar (Frepaso).

What they must realize in Spain is that Aerolíneas is a much beloved
company in Argentina, and that we are witnessing an increasing
anti-Spanish feeling that confronts this dismantling of the company
towards a final bankrupcy", Funes stated. Gutiérrez explained: "we
have had talks with our Chilean colleagues, and we agree in that there
are problems in both countries with the management made by the Spanish
managers of financial and public service companies. They are acting
with the obscenity of a nouveau riche" pointed out the conservative
representative.  "And with a Conquistador mind", added Alicia Castro,
who is in Madrid in her double condition of union leader of the cabin
attendants union and of national member of Parliament.- XXX

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