origins and structure of capitalism

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Sat Jun 2 18:46:47 MDT 2001

George wrote:
>I would like to recommend the work of Oliver C. Cox on the origins and
>structure of the capitalist world system. Cox is perhaps better known, if he
>is known at all, for his CASTE, CLASS AND RACE which he published in 1948.
>in this work he presents a Marxist theory of racism. however, I would like
>to recommend his three volume study of the capitalist world system: THE
>CAPITALISM AS A SYSTEM (1964). all of  these are out of print. Cox made a
>strong argument that primitive accumulation and imperialism were permanent
>features of capitalism.    he was writing at the same time Amin was working
>on his WORLD ACCUMULATION.  his over all discussion should be of interest. I
>doubt very much if any of his work is available on a web page.

It might also be obvious that Oliver C. Cox was an African-American. Isn't
it interesting that some of the most original thinking around these
questions have come from Africans, African-Americans and Latin Americans
like Eric Williams, Eduardo Galeano, Mariategui, Walter Rodney, CLR James,
Cesaire, Amin, et al. Do you think it might have something to do with the
harsh reality of capitalism in the 3rd world?

Louis Proyect
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