Salmon Farming and Environmentalism

Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at
Sun Jun 3 07:53:17 MDT 2001

> Brian James:
> >The whole thing has given me a completely cynical attitude toward the
> >environmental movement. If they are lying and cheating about this issue
> >on which I am knowledgeable, what are they doing in other areas about
> >which I know little...this makes me uncomfortable since someone has got
> >to be a watch dog, but what do you do when you can not trust the
> watchdog....?
> Acutally, David Suzuki has a website ( that is
> infinitely more convincing than Brian's penpal.
> Louis Proyect
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Those interested in reading a summary of the study Brian refers to can find it
at . The study does not answer
the question of whether farmed salmon carry more toxins than wild salmon ("there
was no statistically significant difference between the farmed and wild fish,"
according to the web page ), but that is tangential to whether aquaculture
threatens the survival of wild salmon. Brian's main point remains valid, which
is that a hundred or more years of human activity, mainly overfishing and
habitat destruction, has rendered fish species vulnerable to extinction, and
aquaculture is just the latest way to overexploit them for profit.

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