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> Mandel points out that if you accept the notion of "colonial
> superprofits" (surplus-profits) then you are committed to the thesis
> that, at the international level, rates of profit don't really
> equalise or only partly do so. Or, to put it differently, capitalism
> gets its dynamism precisely from the failure of rates of profit to
> equalise, i.e. from exploiting differentials in labour productivity
> and profitability


> Nevertheless, if you accept the notion of the law of value, the
> longer term tendency must be towards the levelling out of
> differentials in labour productivity and rates of profit

But this is precisely the reason why imperialist nations keep colonial
ones in backwardness! This "levelling out" exacerbates the tendency of
the rate of profit to fall, thus plays the Grand Requiem for

Rates of profit not only do not equalise today at the international
level, there are at least TWO rates of profit also at the national
level! In every imperialist nation there are (a) the rate of profit of
the monopoly sector and (b) the rate of profit of the non-monopoly
sector. That is what monopoly exists for.

Yes, all this goes against the "normal, structural, smooth" working of
the capitalit mode of production, this is obvious. It is as obvious as
the growing display of state force that keeps things going on. The
last 25 years can be characterized by an attack on the forces of
production that had been established independently of the necessities
of imperialist capital in the peripherical world (by this, I mean the
non-core countries). This attack is the answer of capital to the
so-called "oil crisis", which was a crisis of overproduction in the
sense that more capital was accumulated than it could be profitably
invested.  Someone had to stop producing if the system of differential
rates of profit was to prevail.

Thus, our brave new world.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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