Guangming Daily (People's Republic of China) on Britain's GeneralElection

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Britain needs an elective dictatorship
Zhang Xiao
05 June 2001
Lady Thatcher has said a second landslide for New Labour would create a
"elective dictatorship". But if this elective dictatorship could transform
Britain into a new and open Britain, it can't be all bad. The British are
well-educated and mostly civilised people. Tony Blair is intelligent, even
outstanding, but he could not manage China as he manages his own country.

Last week, I heard that students at a famous London school had been asked to
write articles on why China's economy has developed so fast without freedom
and democracy. The topic reflects the terrible ignorance and prejudice of
some Westerners. China's economy has developed so rapidly because the
Chinese are getting more and more freedom and democracy than they have had
at any other period in their 5000-year history.

The political system in a country must be in line with its economic
situation. I sincerely believe that with the development of our economy, the
Chinese will enjoy more freedom in the near future.

Democracy is good medicine, but if you take too much, it can be dangerous.
We may not have direct elections in China, but the majority (of course, not
everybody) are deeply convinced of the authority of their government to
govern. Our fast-growing economy is improving people's living standard day
by day. Can you say this is not social progress or democracy?

When in Rome do as the Romans do. Spending a long time discussing whether it
is right to hunt foxes can be a part of democracy here, but it would be a
funny thing in China. I would seek to persuade Western critics not to teach
the Chinese how to develop democracy. The Chinese people are very wise, and
know how to balance social progress and political reform.

Democracy and freedom once made Britain the sole superpower in the world,
but Britain is declining nowadays. While your people drink beer in the pub,
enjoy sunshine in the meadows, and walk their dogs, Britain's transportation
system is not what you'd call advanced.

But the Government can do something to change this awkward situation.
Everybody is focused on their own individual freedom instead of the national
or public interest. While the British spend time discussing hunting foxes,
the Chinese people are building 1000 miles of new motorway in six months. In
this sense, the British need an elective dictatorship to renew their

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