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Lou Proyect wrote:

"While AG Frank was insufficient in many respects, at least he was a

In 1974 I waged my first, humble theoretical battles on a magazine of my
party. I was assigned the criticism of some publications. I am old enough
to accept that a good deal of what I wrote in those years was nonsense, but
I am not as old as to deny that there were parts that have resisted the
trial of time.

I remember that as a part of that assignment I wrote, as an opening
statement to the review of publications by a group of followers of AGF,
that "It is good that Senators Juan B. Justo and Repetto are replaced in
the mind of the young generations, now, by André Gunder Frank". And I meant

But I also wrote as a closing statement, after an analysis of the concrete
positions of those groups, that in spite of the clearly revolutionary
_will_ of AGF, in practical terms, when his followers took them to
concretion "the old Senators seemed to be born again".

I don´t consider neither of both statements as part of the nonsense, but as
a parcel of my ideas that withstood the test of time.

Lic. Néstor M. Gorojovsky

Louis Proyect
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