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NY Times, June 6, 2001

Bush Moves Against Steel Imports


WASHINGTON, June 5 - President Bush took the first steps today toward
imposing broad restrictions on imported steel, handing a victory to
American steel companies and unions that have long urged the government to
grant relief from foreign competition.

The president's action, which initiates a challenge to imports and could
result in higher tariffs on foreign- made steel within months, goes beyond
any protections that the Clinton administration offered the industry and is
certain to raise tensions with trading partners.

Administration officials said the decision came after a detailed study of
the steel industry's woes. They described the once mighty steel sector -
with only a fifth as many workers as in 1980 - as hobbled by an unending
glut of imports from South Korea, Taiwan, China, Brazil, Germany, Russia,
Ukraine and many other nations that often produce steel for less than their
American competitors.

"I've told the world we're going to have an active, internationalist
foreign policy with U.S. interests at its heart," Mr. Bush said this
afternoon during a meeting with senators. "And it's in our nation's
interest that if there are unfair trade practices in the steel industry we
address them in a very aggressive way, which this administration will do."


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