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Lou Pr quoted the NYT under the appropiate title of "Double standard":

"WASHINGTON, June 5 - President Bush took the first steps today toward
imposing broad restrictions on imported steel, handing a victory to
American steel companies and unions that have long urged the government to
grant relief from foreign competition."

The most interesting thing here, and one that may help some understand what
does a "national movement" mean, is that imperialist protectionism does not
hesitate in stomping with the heel on the feet of their best allies in the

In Argentina, the steel producing Dalmine-Siderca group has been one of the
most important supporters of the policies of dismantling the structure of
the State. They were among the most benefitted ones with the destruction of
the national steel mills, and their obvious intention was to use them, a la
Korea, to export steel. Now that their production can compete with their
American counterparts (their obvious main target) the wall of protection
rises in the midst of what they believed to be a wonderful freeway out of
the languishing domestic market. Sergio Einaudi, one of the owners of the
Dalmine group (together with the Rocca family) made declarations today
against that protectionism.

The same thing happens with agricultural protection, which attacks and rigs
even the Argentinean landowners to the point that many (and not all of them
small) lose their land to American or European controlled banks. That is,
imperialist protectionism on agricultural products is a serious problem for
the local Argentinean oligarchy and the export-oriented agrarian sector as
a whole, an ally of the Empire who is thus reminded of the role they are
expected to fulfill.

This does not mean that we should place any hope in those villains, whose
luck depends on the misery of their fellow countrypeople. But if _they_ are
mastered that way, what can other "ruling" classes expect???

Lic. Néstor M. Gorojovsky

Louis Proyect
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