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>Shall I take this as an article?

This message from Zytrax7 at might appear a little cryptic. He just
subbed to the list after posting this to the Marxmail home page:

I'm starting a semi-underground,anti-government/military/police oppresion
newspaper. I need contibutors. If anyone wants to help, please e-mail me
your articles at Zytrax7 at I will add it to everything else and send
the complete papers to everyone who wants to distribute them. There are
some rules.

1. Nothing that supports capitalism,communism,the military,racism,or police

2. All swears will be edited. They wouldn't go over well with the elderly.

3. If you decide to help with distribution, you can't charge anything for
the papers.

4. No nudity. I'm giving this thing away around a bunch of elderly people.
Not directly to them,just around them.


As a rule of thumb, feel free to include anything that appears on this
mailing list in your newspaper. I tend to swear a lot, but feel free to
edit to your heart's content. The only nudist on the list is James
Farmelant but he tends to restrict this to his outings at the socialist
vegetarian nudist colony in Cape Cod he visits every August.

Louis Proyect
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