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Craven, Jim jcraven at SPAMclark.edu
Wed Jun 6 17:51:34 MDT 2001

I have often thought that having a FBI--of the "Justice"
Department--building named after J Edgar (aka "Mary") Hoover is like having
a shelter for battered women named after Ted Bundy, but really, Dan
Burton--another lying fascist hypocrite-- making such noises?

Jim C

J. Edgar Hoover's name may be removed from FBI HQ

Some in Congress want to revoke honor accorded to
J.Edgar Hoover

Associated Press

BOSTON -- Some members of Congress are still so upset
over the wrongful conviction of Joseph Salvati, they
want to blame former FBI director J. Edgar Hoover.

WBZ-TV reported Monday that if it is discovered that
Hoover knowingly put innocent people in prison, U.S.
Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., plans to file legislation to
remove his name from FBI headquarters in Washington.

Burton chaired the Congressional hearings into the
Salvati case last month.

Massachusetts Democrat Bill Delahunt also is prepared to
support Burton's legislation.

According to the report, FBI memos from 1965 suggest
that the Boston FBI office kept Hoover updated about its
efforts to infiltrate the New England Mob.

Salvati, a Massachusetts man, spent 30 years in prison
for a murder he did not commit.

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