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> It raises in an interesting way the class interests of the
> bourgeoisie and how they can be factionalised but tend to cohere
> around a number of key issues.  These are seemingly defence related,
> but really have more to do, I think, with the particular nation's
> position within the imperialist order.  Thus Argentina continued in
> the USA camp despite the USA aid for Britain in the war over the
> Malvinas, and Argentina also continued to pay back debt to Britain
> just after the war.

Still worse, dear Gary, still worse.

The best guarantee Meggy Thatcher could have that we would lose the
battle was that the most paradigmatic representative of our oligarchy,
Roberto Alemann, was at the head of the Ministry of Economy of the
same government that was making war in the South Atlantic. Alemann
arranged things so that Argentina continued to pay to England --even
during the war-- by means of a triangulation where his main customers,
the Swiss Bank Union, were a central piece.

As you see, our "roscas" don't even behave the way a bourgeoisie
would. They are worse than that. Much worse. By the way, it is
interesting to note that during the war there were some industrial
branches (tents, for example) that were reactivated in Argentina, but
of course the owners of those factories did not extract the immediate


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