Dependency theory debate in Latin America

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Thu Jun 7 07:29:38 MDT 2001

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> On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, Louis Proyect wrote:
> What for instance, does Aijaz Ahmad have to say about these questions?
> I've been meaning to look this up, but he's always been quite scathing
> of the right wing, and the BJP especially, for its growing subservience to
> foreign capital and american foreign policy and masking this collusion
> behind nationalism and religious chauvinism.
> This of course is not to imply that he is a dependency theorist or bought
> into dependency theory, though he does seem to have been influenced by it.
> J Enyang

There is an essay by Aijaz Ahmad called 'Jameson's Rhetoric of Otherness and
"the National Allegory'' in his book In Theory. This deals with the
dubiousness of the category 'Third World Literature'. Some of Aijaz's
remarks in this essay may equally be applied to the category 'Third World'.
There is an essay by Aijaz 'Imperialism and Progress' in the collection his
essays called Lineages of the Present. This essay deals with Bill Warren's
Imperialism: Pioneer of Capitalism.

Aijaz seems to be veering towards the view of India as one of junior
partners of Imperialism. IMO this assessment is premature.


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