Dependency theory debate in Latin America

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Jun 7 07:38:06 MDT 2001

>Now, the debate against the dependency theory was carried out not by Mexican
>Marxists inspired by the Spaniards.  It was instead the exiles from South
>America who brought both the theory of dependency and its critique to Mexico
>in the 1970's.  (Curiously, Argentinians undertook another Spanish
>translation of Marx's Capital and showed that Roses' translation was also
>deficient.)  The Marxists who criticized the theory of dependency from a
>Marxist angle on what I consider the solid grounds of Marx's method and
>theory of capitalist production were Jorge Dabat and Alberto Spagnolo (I may
>be wrong on the first names), economists from Argentina, and Agustín Cueva,
>a sociologist from Ecuador.


Thanks for the useful post. I will add these names to my file.

Louis Proyect
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