Footnote on spelling, Re: the vexed issue

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Thu Jun 7 17:35:04 MDT 2001

Jurriaan Bendien wrote:
> Replying to Greg, Carol and Julio:

I would not want the list misled as to the number of women on it. The
name is "Carrol,"
not "Carol." And while I'm on the subject of names, I might mention that
either my grandmother could not spell or my father was named after
someone of whom I've never heard. In any case, though the USUAL spelling
is "carroll" (two Ls), my name is "Carrol," ONE "l."

Both misspellings are worth mentioning because they exhibit a well-known
form of misreading -- reading what one _expects_ to see rather than what
is actually there. Though harmless in the presnt case, it is a kind of
reading error that often causes serious political error.



> Jurriaan

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