Marxism in rich countries

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> What I am saying is that circulation workers do not produce value.
They REALIZE value, the value that was created in the production
process. (I see a distinction in Marx between producing and realizing
value.) What circulation workers receive is some of the value production
workers create. The cost of their labor, objectified and living, is,
following Marx (and, later, Mandel), a 'deduction' from the costs of
production. Thus (unintentional) parasitism.

David Welch: Yes but why conflate this with Marx's quite precise concept
of exploitation?

This is my way of emphasizing the 'mental - manual' schism of, say, the
German Ideology and Anti-Dühring, so attenuated by traditional CPs. As I
see it, job rotation to abolish the social division of labor is central
to the Marxist project---it received a good deal of treatment in Capital
volume one.

Plus, it puts 'globalization' into sharp perspective for the labor
aristocracy, demonstrating that collusion with capital, however
abhorrent in the abstract, is part of capital's reach---and that 'moral'
exoneration can only come from supporting all Third World struggles
against... our privilege.


Barry Stoller

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