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>The thing with Julio Hauto [Huato, actually] is that, as I see it,  he does
>not subscibe to
>Lenin's theory of imperialism (and capitalism)
>as a matter of fact:-))

This is about my using the term 'antagonism' as a synonym for
'irreconcilable contradiction'.

I don't read German, but in the Spanish translations of Grundrisse and
Capital, there is consistency in the use of these terms.  In Grundrisse, for
instance, if I remember correctly, Marx mentions in the Chapter of Money
that the metamorphosis of commodity into money traverses several stages,
"from difference to contradiction to antagonism."  In the Science of Logic,
Hegel uses other two terms, which seems to fall somewhere between difference
and contradiction: 'opposition' and 'antithesis'.  Marx also picks them up
and uses them here and there.

The idea is that some phenomena unfolds from identity to internal
differentiation to opposition to antithesis to contradiction to full fledge
antagonism.  In the Progress Publishers Spanish version of Lenin's
Philosophical Notebooks, this distinction is also kept.  Even Soviet
philosophers stuck to this usage.  In his famous philosophy manual,
Konstantinov distinguishes between 'antagonistic contradictions' (between
'hostile' social forces, between classes with fundamentally opposed goals
and interests) and 'non-antagonistic contradictions' (e.g., between classes
or groups in a class, social forces whose living conditions given them a
commonality of goals and interests).

Life is pretty complex and it helps to make subtle distinctions.  I don't
have a problem with different terms, as long as we all know what we mean by
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