Dependency theory debate in Latin America

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> Julio:
> >Now, the debate against the dependency theory was carried out not by Mexican
> >Marxists inspired by the Spaniards.  It was instead the exiles from South
> >America who brought both the theory of dependency and its critique to Mexico in
> >the 1970's.  (Curiously, Argentinians undertook another Spanish translation of
> >Marx's Capital and showed that Roses' translation was also deficient.)

Not Argentinians, but Uruguayans. The excellent translation (the Siglo
XXI version) demonstrated that the translation of Roces was more than
"also deficient" and in fact the previous version by reformist Juan
B. Justo was better. As to Dependency Theorists, I would recall
everyone that Frank was a teacher in Mexico D.F., and that he was
refuted by Rodolfo Puiggrós, also in Mexico D.F. at a much earlier
date than Julio Huato believes. Dabat was a mediocre economist for
Argentinean standards of the time.

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