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Jun 01, a las 18:45, Louis Proyect dijo:

> What are you trying to say? That people took this stuff and went out
> and launched focos like they did after reading Debray? This doesn't
> seem likely to me.

Worse still. DT provided the basis for the anti-Peronist provocation
by the petty bourgeoisie in Argentina.

The theses acquired concrete meaning through their transformation into
an alibi for the feelings of masses of petty bourgeois who did not
want to become serious socialists, but to find "socialism" ready made
in Peronism. Too many people were draught into believing that, since
Peronism was clearly a mass movement, and it was an anti-imperialist
movement, then it HAD to be socialist.  So the petty bourgeois, who in
1955 applauded the overthrow of Perón because he was not "democratic",
became "Peronist" under the illusion (based partly on the reading of
AGF) that he was and could only be socialist in 1973. A year later,
this petty bourgeois entered the path of provocation. Since Perón
proved just a bourgeois, not a socialist leader, then they followed
the line set up by AGF and others.

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