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Jun 01, a las 18:45, Louis Proyect dijo:

> It would help to advance the discussion if you could tell me if the
> social system in 17th century Peru and Bolivia was feudal. The
> question of what relation graduate students thought of AGF's
> writings had to making socialist revolutions in the early 1970s
> seems less interesting.

In fact, as you may understand, my measuring rod works exactly the
other way round. It is of paramount importance in the construction of
a new revolutionary movement in Argentina (I don't speak of Latin
America, not because I don't think that this is equally important
elsewhere, but because I am concerned with things here in the first
place) to establish the relation between historic consciousness and
political action.

As to your direct question on the social system in 17th century Peru
and Bolivia, I am preparing a very long answer. But allow me to begin
by stating what I have already stated (with an addition): the fact
that the values extracted from America were realized in the capitalist
world market does not make the social relations in Peru or the High
Peru identical to those in London at the same time. It is simply not
true that the social structure of colonial Latin America was _as
capitalist as_ any other capitalist structure in the world, and that
there were no remnants from the old, pre-capitalist, world, shaping
the concrete formation in many decissive ways.

To begin with, and sorry to contradict one of Lou's most beloved
ideas, the _mita_ was NEVER a wage relation. But I am preparing
something more complex and quite longer on this essential issue.

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