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> >It is a joke, and, as far as it
> > goes, represents a bourgeois "developmentalist ideology". What you have
> > instead in the third world (even in your highly civilized Argentina,
> > Uruguay, or Ulhas's so called "developing" India or IMF's "developing"
> > Turkey etc..) is _capitalism_ charecterized by a 1) highly rigid system
> > class stratification 2) impoverished urban and rural masses 3) reserve
> army
> The 'Centre' dumps in the 'Periphery' the mass of useless cultural
> sometimes these products are called 'Marxist Theory'.
> Ulhas

Give me a break, Ulhas. You have done _nothing_ to show that India is doing
economically well, besides posting abstract figures on Indian GNP figures.
Now, you are playing the Eurocentricism card, in the manner, unfortunately,
of the post-colonial cultural theorists like Gayatri Spivak. What you are
saying about the so called progressive nature of Indian capitalism is plain
_reverse_ orientalism, not Marxism. Real development involves a structural
transformation of the economy, not arbitrary increases in GNP. If GNP is
the criteria here, to give an example from a different context, the East
Asian capitalism would not have been in serious trouble by now, despite the
preachings of  the Asian miracle by the IMF just before the crisis.  How is
income distributed in India among classes? how is the class structure of
India organized? how has the history of imperialism shaped the complexity
of Indian class structure?  You had better lower the rhetoric, and address
the issues specifically. otherwise, you are doing nothing besides allowing
yourself misguided by IMF and World Bank type of analysis. And this has,
evidently, nothing to with Marxism.

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