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At 04:50 PM 6/9/01 +0000, you wrote:
>Louis: WBAI is indeed full of claptrap on the air. True with all the other
>Pacifica stations: but long before the "coup"-- WBAI raised 40% of is income
>from charlatan and huckster Gary Knull. That by the way was under the regime
>of the now departed Comrade Samori Marksman.

Of course. One hour a day Null had his program. Now we have wall-to-wall Null.

>For 30 years, WBAI has
>generated exactly th kind of programing you would find politically
>offensive: from Larry Josephson to Bob Foss to Lynn Samuels.

Not at all. I was a big fan of Larry and know Lynn from Bard College in the
1960s. Fass of course is an anarchist. But the point is that I like this
kind of personalized radio, whether the politics are liberal like your own
or anarchist like Fass's. What I don't like is the Pacifica board sending
goons like Garland Ganter to KPFA or Bessie Wash to WBAI to remold the
station into NPR-lite. Pacifca already has a token NPR-lite station in LA.
That's enough for me.

>I dont
>remember any hows of "corporatization" back then when they were on.

No, the howls are about people coming in during the dead of night changing
locks and firing people without offering any reason why they were being fired.

> At KPFA,
>today, right now under their "radical" regime, they feature a daily
>astrology prodram in prime rime as well as a plethora of "health" shows of
>the sort that twist your entrails.

That is for the local station to sort out, not goons from a board run by
people like Ken Ford, who is connected with the National Association of
Home Builders, which fights provisions for disabled people.

>You kee referring to the "bloc" on the Pacifica board with whom I am
>supposedly aligned. Allow me to remind you that if you actually read what I
>wrote in The Nation you would see I was the first to call for their
>resignation in print. How do u figure that?

That isn't what stuck with me. What stuck with me is your desire to make
Pacifica more like Le Monde and Guardian. It is bad enough that the Nation
Magazine has moved toward the center during the Clinton years. Just leave
the people's radio alone.

>And.. another small anomaly. You accuse the baord of being Democratic Party
>tools. OK. But how do you evaluate the calle made by the "dissidents" to
>have Pacifica investiagted by the Democrats in the California legislature
>and US Congress? What's THAT logic? That the Democrats are supposed to see
>if Pacifica has sold out to the Democrats. COme on, Louis, that doesnt pass
>the god-damn giggle test!

Trotsky offered to testify before Congress about Stalinist thuggery. We
need protection from liberal thugs like you.

>So you see, Mr. Proyect, life is not quite so simple as you would depict it.
>At least not at Pacifica. I understand for professional sectarians and
>dogmaticians like yourself it is quite a temptation to squeeze life into
>neat little manichean pidgeonholes i.e. the Clintonista corporate Pacifica
>board is trying to quash the democratic and radical voices of Free Radio. A
>dandy theory. Unfortunately it doesnt match reality. What you cannot explain
>is how political radicals like myself and Suzi Weissman and Jon Wiener for
>example are supposedly on the corporate side and that flabby social
>democrats and liberals like the KPFA news dept and Larry Bensky are
>supporting the "radicals."  Life is a bitch when it doesnt match your
>theory, no?

You are no radical. You are a liberal. Weissman and Wiener are social
democrats. As far as my theory is concerned, this is about democracy more
than anything. Whatever screwups occurred in local Pacifica stations in the
past, this is a fight to preserve local, community-based radio. The gang in
Washington wants to turn the network into NPR-lite. Your problem is that
you are living in the past. You think you are some kind of student radical
or something. In fact you are an aging writer who has no connection to the
grass roots and pontificates to the Nation magazine's readers like Eric
Alterman and all the rest. Wake up, man. You are an establishment figure.

>I write this by the way from Managua where I am on assignment. I find some
>striking parallels here with what we are talking about. Daniel Ortega, about
>to run for President again, has been credibly accused of incestuous rape by
>his step-daughter-- herself a Sandinsita functionary and former wife of
>Ortega's closest advisor. Her story is absolutely credible. But you should
>see the apologists for Ortega slither around in denial. Not only in denial..
>but attacking the victim as a CIA agent, an imperialist agent, a nympho and
>a whore. They are almost as adept at name calling as you are.

You are really dense. The FSLN announced long ago that it was joining the
ranks of the social democracy and making peace with capitalism. I gave up
on them in 1990 around the same time I let my sub to the Nation lapse. I
just did not want to hear liberal/social democratic pieties in Nicaragua or
in my mailbox each week.

Louis Proyect
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