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Sat Jun 9 17:18:42 MDT 2001

Associated Press. 9 June 2001. Chavez Thanks Communist Party.

CARACAS -- After a week of corruption allegations, President Hugo Chavez
on Saturday thanked the Communist Party for supporting his "revolution"
to end corruption and poverty in Venezuela.

Chavez invited the Communist Party to form part of a new political
movement to reinvigorate his so-called "democratic revolution," which
has lost some fervor after six elections that created a new constitution
and ousted a political class widely accused of squandering Venezuela's
oil wealth.

He has provided few details about the project, except to say it will
organize "patriotic circles" to "defend the revolution." He denied media
speculation that the new "Bolivian Revolutionary Movement" will replace
his Fifth Republic Movement party.

"We count on you comrades," Chavez told communist supporters. "The goal
is clear: smash the conspiracy and promote the revolution."


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