Final reply to Marc Cooper

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Jun 9 18:04:02 MDT 2001

At 11:52 PM 6/9/01 +0000, marc cooper wrote:
>Ok Louis.. I think we have reached the end of this little discourse. You
>must live in a very small and lonely world in which so few can meet your
>standards of purity. It must be quite a discouraging experience. Adios,

And that's why you approached me to post your initial reply to the Marxism
list. The fact is that for your sinecure on the LA Pacifica station, your
bully pulpit at the Nation with the 100,000 subscribers and Paul Newman's
lemonade money, and all your high-powered friends in academia, it galls you
that serious revolutionaries don't have the same flattering opinion that
you do of yourself. You know the story of the princess and the pea. No
matter how many mattresses her servants put between her and the pea, she
couldn't fall asleep at night. We are that pea, Cooper.

Louis Proyect
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