A Clinton encounter

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> Subject:       A Clinton encounter
> Clinton took up the challenge and stopped in front
> of me, and in a manner that reminded me of his Election Day
> interview with Amy Goodman on WBAI, said, "Now I've listened to what
> you had to say, so you listen to me," and proceeded to give me at
> least a minute-long spiel, saying that Marc Rich was wrongly charged

Yeah right. From a report by an Africa observer (posted on PEN-L

> Speaking of oil and Nigeria, there were fresh revelations about Bill
> Clinton's pardonee, Mark Rich.  The government of former president
> Shagari acquired evidence that the oil conglomerate, Mark Rich & Co.
> was declaring less than 40% of its oil export from Nigeria and was
> not even paying due royalties on the little it did declare. It's
> operations in the country were suspended as a result.
> Rich also took large quantities of oil to South Africa against UN
> and OAU sanctions imposed on the apartheid regime of that time.  He
> is alleged to have supplied funds for the military establishment
> that eventually overthrew the civilian (and corrupt) government of
> Shagari.  One week later Rich & Co. resumed its operations in
> Nigeria.  Pardon me if I find all of this a bit sickening.

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