Bush Goes To Europe?

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Sun Jun 10 11:02:48 MDT 2001

[from [Warren  Leming <wleming at pcc.net>]]

This weekend at his sumptuous , well guarded ranch in Crawford, Texas,
the leader of the world's only self proclaimed superpower, George W.
Bush, is sitting down with his National Security Adviser, the
studiously intelligent Condoleezza Rice, for a series of briefings on
US foreign policy. He'll need it: foreign policy has never been Bush's
strong suite. But don't stop there.

Bush must avoid committing any gaffes on his first visit to Europe
this week, where he must try to impress allies with his grasp of
international affairs, while persuading them to sign up for a global
missile defence screen that will cost billions and defend the American
allied "free world" from nothing discerable.

Bush's senior officials are in a quandry: how to make a man who has
based his image on Texan provincialism, anti abortion rhetoric and
sabre rattling Imperialism appear Cosmopolitan.

Yes, Bush must not just convince Europeans that they need an economy
breaking and completely useless missel system, worse, he must convince
Europe's leaders that he is not a linguistically challenged buffoon.

Bush's grasp of geography is shaky. Quizzed on foreign affairs during
the campaign he was abysmal at georgraphy and history. At home, Bush
is protected by a corporate press who simply don't report his
idiocys...  thats not true in Europe, where a number of newspapers
have given major coverage to Bush's gaffes with the language, history,
georgraphy, pronunciation, syntax and more. "Make the pie higher."

Europe sees George Bush as a shallow, arrogant, gun-loving,
abortion-hating, , Christian fundamentalist Texan buffoon,' a senior
U.S. official told the New York Times. 'They read all the press about
a hard-line unilateralist. They really believe this stuff about
cowboys.  We need to get it all on a higher plane.'  This is the
second time in his life that George Bush has been to Europe.

Bush will visit to five countries, including a meeting with Russia's
President, Vladimir Putin, in Slovenia - a country that Bush once
famously confused with Slovakia .-

Bush said he would seek to reassure the European allies that the US
was not abandoning them by shrinking into an isolationist shell. and
thats from a man who has been to Europe-- now, twice in his entire
life.  lts a no win, no win and a, oh whats the phrase: no brainer.

Warren Leming

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