its "trim your posts" time.....

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Sun Jun 10 15:26:03 MDT 2001

Dear comrades:

material conditions on the list dictate that it has once again come
time to remind everyone submitting to marxism list to trim your posts
when you reply to someone else's email.

i've noticed the length of unneccessary quoted material has increased
steadily since i stopped making such pronouncements as these some time
ago. a failed experiment to see if list subscribers could hold
themselves to a little order?

for the benefit of newcomers, the list asks that when you reply to a
lengthy post from someone else, you smartly trim the contents of the
quoted text down to the bare essentials required for list readers to
follow the thread of the conversation. if you wind up signing your
name to a post at some point in your email, and then you scroll down
the screen below your signature and see paragraph upon paragraph of
material whose lines look thusly:

> and then i said to him,...
> and then she said to me,  ...
> and then we said to them ...

all those lines beginning with the '> ' characters have been placed
there by your email software and usually contain the _entirety_ of
the post you are responding to. delete at once before hitting the
'send' button.

as an example, a post just sent to the list contained a 559 character
response, followed by a 5021 character, completely unaltered, copy of
the post being responded to. thats a 8.98:1 noise-to-signal ratio.

trim your posts!!!!!

les 'the list housecleaner' schaffer

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