Ireland rejects Nice treaty

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Mon Jun 11 05:58:02 MDT 2001

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I fear your rejoicing is misplaced.  The party of the SDLP is in trouble but
its politics are utterly triumphant. The winding down of the republican
struggle, the creation of the Pan-nationalist front and the Good Friday
Agreement are what Hume has been aiming at ever since the imposition of
direct rule almost thirty years ago.

At least the SDLP are consistent constitutional nationalists. Sinn Fein's
policies on partition and class issues are on the whole indistinguishable
from the SDLP. The only difference is that since the Good Friday Agreement
Sinn Fein's armed wing has assassinated members of the Real IRA, intimidated
members of the Irish Republican Writers Groups, threatened former members of
the Irish Republican Socialist Party, and has shot juvenile delinquents in
the wrists and ankles for the high crime of breaking windows.  All the while
Sinn Fein goes along with hospital closings, privatization of healthcare and
education. Sinn Fein's politics are neither republican nor socialist while
they physically attack  other republicans and socialists.

The Provisionals should hurry up and hand over their weapons, Hume and
Mallon should retire or die forthwith, and Sinn Fein should become the only
cross-border, center-right, nationalist party actively administering both
the North and South statelets.  At least the speedy and final consummation
of Sinn Fein's sell out would re-open the space for genuinely radical
politics in Ireland.

Sean Noonan

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