Colonial Latin America (Louis)

Ulhas Joglekar uvj at
Mon Jun 11 18:43:32 MDT 2001

From: Julio Huato <juliohuato at>

> I'd like to see that Lenin's quote where he reverses his statement that
> capital exports accelerate capitalist development in the target countries.
> And we must look at the context -- interwar historical conditions.

It will never explained to Julio why China and Vietnam import more capital
than India does, if FDI is bad. Vietnam's GNP is probably one tenth of
India's GNP, but Vietnam is gets more (or as much) FDI than India in
absolute terms.

In any case, what Lenin said or did not say is besides the point. This is
not how the mass of poor workers, small peasants and white collar workers
will decide on the issue. They will learn from their experiences.


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