Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) calls for interim government

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Tue Jun 12 07:31:49 MDT 2001

>From the Nepali Times
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Maoists call for interim government
The chairman of the underground Nepal Communist Party (Maoist), Prachanda,
in a statement faxed to media on Monday has said the royal palace killings
were a part of an "imperialist conspiracy" against his party's "peoples war"
and to set up a united leftist interim government.
This is the second statement from Prachanda after the royal massacre of 1
June and, political analysts in Kathmandu say, it indicates that the Maoists
are trying to capitalise on the uncertainty and confusion following the
killings. Prachanda reiterates his praise for late King Birendra, saying
that he had refused to allow the government to use the army to fight the
insurgency. Prachanda added: "King Birendra took a liberal approach towards
the peoples' war, and he refused to kneel down to Indian expansionism."
Prachanda sees the royal killings as part of a joint Indian and US
conspiracy to "surround China".

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