Ireland rejects Nice treaty

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Tue Jun 12 16:16:31 MDT 2001

>Kevin wrote:
>I'm not so sure, i live in Northern Ireland at the moment, and i
>understand what you mean because the SDLP is undoubtedly a middle class
>party, however it is also the case that they have several working class
>orientated policys including the abolition of the hated 11+.  In saying
>this though i have to say i voted Sien Fien for mostly selfish porposes,
>as they planned to give students grants.

Hi Kevin, I hope to be in Northern Ireland soon in late august.  I will
check out what's what for myself then.  I am relying mainly o0n phone calls
and what they tell me is that the Sinn Fein vote was huge among young
people because they want to reject the status quo and Sinn Fein still have
a lot of street cred here.  Whether it is justified or not is another
question and no doubt Sean Noonan would disagree.

Apparently a real sticking point for the Catholic Nationalist community is
the reform of the hated paramilitary RUC (the police).  The SDLP are
prepared to compromise here, but the people are not and Sinn Fein is
following them.



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